Jenna Jameson’s Wild Feet


You know Pornstars are wild but Jenna Jameson has some crazy ass color nail polish on her toes. If that neon orange on her sexy feet isn’t going to your attention off her tits, nothing will.. at least for the non-foot guys. Us foot fetish guys are gonna stare at her feet anyway.


See Jenna’s feet

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Sasha Grey.. in Clothes!



OK, if you hadn’t read the blog title and just looked at the picture, would you have recognized Sasha Grey? No, probably not. Without her legs pinned behind her ears or a face full of cum or a cock up her ass, she just doesn’t look the same, does she?

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Jesse Jane’s Pornstar Feet


Yeah, I bet you were expecting to see Jesse Jane with her fake tits out and a big cock between her feet or her toes in some guy or girl’s mouth, huh? Surprise!!! It’s Jesse Jane… with clothes.. and selling booze!! At least we get a really great look at her sexy feet and cute toes. Do you forgive me now?

48098731498134078287.jpg 69489445179598871289.jpg 39288789457508263114.jpg 28278006955830521671.jpg
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Kacey Jordan – Charlie Sheen’s Foot Goddess


Kacey Jordan’s name is become better than known than just for her pornstar status. She has been all over the news for being one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses. More importantly to us, she admitted that Charlie loved worshiping her feet and sucking her toes. WINNING!

charlie sheen loves these feet 03054044699853107832.jpg 89224767236918567250.jpg 40648690074607436667.jpg
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A Dressed Sasha Grey’s Celebrity Feet


It’s always a little odd to see a pornstar with a full set of clothes. I mean when Sasha Grey is on her knees with a big cock in her mouth or in doggie with two studs stuffing her from both ends, it’s pretty obvious where to look…. HER FEET! If you answered anything other than feet, you are just a plain old pervert and not a foot fetish pervert.. so go on.. get out of here. :p

a clothed pornstar shows her celebrity feet 23932931648523119145.jpg 65634739092176302688.jpg 20926281989696101108.jpg 75110257390011079259.jpg
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Tera Patrick Shows Feet.. And Nothing Else


I know alot of guys love Tera Patrick but I am not as sure if her feet are as popular in the foot fetish community, but here she is anyway for you guys. She looks like she some crazy long ass toes. I do love her arches and the side views in these pics too.

how odd to see pornstar feet with no boobs or ass on display 56512490022301496352.jpg 56512490022301496352.jpg 15186467659996151749.jpg
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Bree Olsen Feet Mix

Bree Olsen is one hot little number and although she doesn’t look the type to suck cock at the drop of a hat, she sure seems like she does. She has even done hot foot porn too. One I remember seeing has being a little domme demanding some foot worship

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