Amy Adams’ Feet Looking Retro

amy adams feet look pretty good on that retro 70's style


you whippersnappers probably either don’t remember the 70′s or wasn’t alive for the it, but it was a pretty good decade for foot lovers. These promo shots of Amy Adams from American Hustle shows a hint of what kind of feet we got to see.


See Amy’s feet [2 Pictures]

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Markie Post.. 80′s Flashback!

80's star Markie Post mature sexy feetMan, what I wouldn’t have given to have the internet as a foot fetish resource when I was a teen and celebrities like Markie Post were stars. Back then, it was almost impossible to get to see celebrity feet. She still looks pretty good but her feet may be past their prime.. not that I wouldn’t give her a go anyway ;)


See Markie’s feet [2 Pictures]

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Valerie Bertinelli Classic Feet


Well these pictures of Valerie Bertinelli’s feet aren’t classic, but she is. Back on the day, it was next to impossible to see TV stars’ feet unless we got lucky with some photoshoot. Now you young ‘uns get to see all kinds of famous feet!


See Helen’s feet [3 Pictures]

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Mary Louise Parker’s New Look


I’m not so sure I like Mary Louise Parker’s new look.. and I don’t mean just her blonde hair. Something about these sandals that she is wearing is not very flattering to her typically very sexy feet. It also looks like one foot has some kind of hose but the other foot is bare. What is up with that??


See Mary Louise’s feet [6 Pictures]

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Classic Taylor Dane Feet


Taylor Dane hasn’t been popular for years but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how sexy feet and toes are!


See Taylor’s feet

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Celebrity Birthday Feet – July 15

79596849667562472965.jpg 03966295587919769320.jpg


Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Ostrosky, turns 39 years old today. He struck gold with this one!



Diane Kruger celebrates her 35th birthday today.



Believe it or not, at one point, Brigitte Nielsen was really hot. Time has not been kind to her and at only 48, she looks at least 58.

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Teen Star AJ Langer in Pantyhose

I haven’s seen AJ Langer and her cute smile since the 90′s when she played a trouble making teen on My So-Called Life. I expected her to be a big celebrity but instead disappeared. Check out a rare foot pic of her in pantyhouse.
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