Kelly Brook’s Feet & Legs in Nylons

british celeb kelly brook's feet are still hot in nylons


I don’t usually post foot galleries of celebrities in nylons or pantyhose, but for Kelly Brook, I’ll make an exception. Her feet are always hot and I’ll take a less than perfect pictures.


See Kelly’s feet [4 Pictures]

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Markie Post.. 80′s Flashback!

80's star Markie Post mature sexy feetMan, what I wouldn’t have given to have the internet as a foot fetish resource when I was a teen and celebrities like Markie Post were stars. Back then, it was almost impossible to get to see celebrity feet. She still looks pretty good but her feet may be past their prime.. not that I wouldn’t give her a go anyway ;)


See Markie’s feet [2 Pictures]

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Elle MacPhereson’s Feet in Nylons


I was surprised when I opened up a one of these pictures of Elle MacPhereson and (naturally) zoomed in on her feet and discovered she was wearing nylons. That’s kind of unusual in the past 10+ years. I know there’s a segment of us foot fetish guys who do love stockings so I thought I’d post this foot gallery of Elle.


See Elle’s feet [2 Pictures]

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Suicide Girls Claudia Von Rotten Barefoot

74792772934064672666.jpg 84372546240839558331.jpg 68628794089545384575.jpg 02118546757209572205.jpg 98544417242928137841.jpg

Oh Suicide Girl Claudia Von Rotten surely knows the powers of sexy feet as she poses and points her suckable toes and does her best to show us foot lovers the best angle of her feet. Her red painted toes look amazing propped up that coffee table.
The Suicide Girls site has an amazing amount of nude babes and so many of them have really sexy feet and toes so even though it’s not a strictly foot fetish porn website, it’s worth a look.. and more. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls
Punk Rock Pinup Girls

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Celebrity Birthday Feet – July 26

03213254623711662416.jpg 54610762175391260765.jpg


One of my favorite celebrity women, Sandra Bullock turns 47.



Oh man, Taylor Momsen turns 18 today. She is going to be all over all kinds of celebrity boards now. Expect her nude any day now too.



Queen of the longest toes in Hollywood, Kate Beckinsale is 38 years old today.



Helen Mirren might be turning 66 years old today, but there is something about her that I actually find pretty sexy. Dunno.. maybe I need to see a shrink.

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Christy Brinkley’s Hosed Feet

Snikies! Christy Brinkley is like 88 years old but she still looks smoking hot and her feet have aged very nicely! Sure an older celebrity can get plastic surgery to make their face look younger but feet are going to age regardless. Her feet and toes though look fantastic.. even if she has on some nylon stockings. I am into pantyhose but I do realize that is another gub-fetish to feet so I am sure someone is going to appreciate that.

mature and sexy famous feet 06718548478849017388.jpg 93271955433880041303.jpg 21238087591077172315.jpg 33582433881115993063.jpg
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Candice Swanepoel’s Barefoot Photoshoot

Anyone who follows the celebrity foot contest at Wu’s knows that I think Candice Swanpoel’s feet are overrated. I will say though that her feet and legs in these pictures look mighty fucking fine! The poses she is in and the way she points her feet. Pretty damn sexy!

07997514922972449179.jpg 68355466795530154361.jpg 21401591785047692144.jpg 55607563142362759217.jpg 30173916843993961813.jpg
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