Katy Perry and Lea Michele Together at Coachella

pop star katy perry and glee star lea michele in sandals


Now this is a photo opportunity for any celebrity foot lover. Katy Perry and Lea Michele in sandals with their sexy feet all there for you to drool over. The only downside is that we only have this one picture

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Idina Menzel’s Foot First

frozen star Idina Menzel's feet on the red carpet


It’s sad that poor Idina Menzel got more press from her name being butchered than her voice.. or her feet. I had been aware of her before the Oscars, but hadn’t ever seen her feet before this event. Not bad.


See Idina’s feet [2 Pictures]

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Glee’s Heather Morris’ Toes at Glee Celebration

my favorite glee celebrity heather morris' toes look hot


Heather Morris was my favorite character on Glee and I lust her so much that I’ll even overlook what I would not typically like about her celebrity feet. I am not a fan of log skinny toes but hers I’d welcome any time.


See Helen’s feet [3 Pictures]

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Lea Michele And Her Feet Celebrate Glee

glee celebrity lea michele's feet at the 100th episode celebration


Say what you want about Glee’s Lea Michele, but her feet are pretty hot! Her face might not be a 10, but her feet have to be a 9 at least.. unless you aren’t a fan of foot tattoos.


See Lea’s feet [5 Pictures]

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Naya Rivera’s Sexy Feet at People’s Choice

glee celebrity naya rivera's dress shows her sexy feet


Glee star Naya Rivera picks the perfect dress to show us her feet. Cut away completely in the front so we can see her sexy toes and appreciate how hot her feet look in her heels.


See Naya’s feet [7 Pictures]

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Naya Rivera Shopping & Looking Classy

glee star naya rivera feet look sexy as she goes shopping heels


Not even on the red carpet and Naya Rivera looks amazing. She looks damn amazing for shopping with those sexy heels shows off her hot feet!


See Naya’s feet [4 Pictures]

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Lea Michele Flashes Her Hot Feet

Lea michele's feet look totally sexy at this celebrity event


It’s been a while since I think we’ve seen any celebrity foot pictures as sexy as these. Lea Michele shows up some boutique event and her feet are just looking stunning!


See Lea’s feet [4 Pictures]

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