Celebrity Birthday Feet – September 28

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Carre Otis was pretty famous back in the 90′s but she has kinda disappeared since then. It’s too bad cause she is still totally hot.. and I kinda dig all the crazy ink on her feet. She is only 43 years old.

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I know Dita Von Teese is some kind of burlesque dancer and pin up model but it’s hard to believe she is famous because of that. She is 39 today.



As much as Gwyneth Paltrow kind of annoys me, she was pretty good on Glee. She is also 39 today.



I can’t believe Hilary Duff is already 24 years old. It’s creepy that I remember her from Lizzie McGuire but think she is hot now.



I guess Kirsten Prout is one of the main stars of The Lying Game. *shrugs* Dunno, she’s cute though… and totally legal at 21.



Just where did Mira Sorvino disappear to? She was so popular in the 90′s but has faded. She celebrates her 44th birthday.



Naomi Watts has made quite a name for herself and has been in alot of great movies and even been nominated for a screen actor’s guild award. She is 43 today.

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Julie Benz’s Black Pedicure

Julie Benz’s latest TV show, No Ordinary Family, was canceled after just one year, but I say good thing. I mean her superpower was to be able to run fast and do you the pounding her feet would take doing all those super fast running scenes? We wouldn’t want those hot feet and toes to get all beat up and full of calluses, would we?


See Julie’s feet

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Katey Sagal – Critics Choice Awards


For all the years that Katey Sagal wore open toe mules on Married With Children, it took years after the TV series ended to get some good pictures of her feet. The nail polish is a little too old looking for me but her feet are pretty nice.


See Katey’s feet

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Celebrity Birthday Feet – September 9

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Michele Williams sure has come along way since Dawson’s Creek. She is 31 years old.



Rachel Hunter is a perfect example why I find redheads so fucking hot. She is 42 today.



Constance Marie is hot little number and celebrates her 46th birthday today.



I really don’t know who Kelsey Show is, but she is too damn cute with rather hot feet to not post here. She is 20 today.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Close Ups @ Love Loss


Emmanuelle Chriqui’s feet got alot of great close up pictures at this celebrity event. Smart paparazzi photographer. She has some really sexy freaking feet and toes. *PICS FIXED*


See Emmanuelle’s feet

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Celebrity Birthday Feet – August 30

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Cameron Diaz is still looking pretty damn good for being 39.



Lisa Ling left the view years ago to become a ‘serious’ journalist. I guess she’s succeeded because I never see her on any channel that is considered mainstream. She is 38 today.



I remember searching through Victoria’s Secret catalogs for Frederique van der Wal’s feet. It’s hard to believe she is 44 years old today.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Odd Pedicure


From the ankles up Jennifer Love Hewitt is pretty hot, but there is something about her toes that make her feet not as hot as the rest of her kicking body. Now she puts some funky pedicure on here toes and they look even more odd. Check out the close up pictures for some details. I know, though, that there are pletny of foot fetish fans who will love her feet.. all night long if possible. ;)


See Jennifer’s feet

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