Olivia Munns and Friends


Damn. I wish I was a photographer at this event! That one picture alone with Olivia Munn, Katherine McPhee (!), Camilla Belle, and Marissa Tomei, all showing their celebrity feet and toes is worthy of a couple of fap session alone!


See Helen’s feet [8 Pictures]

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Marisa Tomei @ Samsung Galaxy Party



Marisa Tomei was at the Samsung Galaxy S III release party and tried to create a buzz around the new cell phone by promising to send a close up picture of her feet and famous foot tattoo to any celebrity foot lover that bought one within the first 12 hours. In other news, Samsung’s stock jumped 13.3%.

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Marisa Tomei Feet @ The Ides of March

I thought Marissa Tomei was on the road to a huge foot comeback. After being big in the 90′s she faded a bit but was well received for her role in The Wrestler. Since then, though, I don’t think I have seen much of her except for the occasional red carpet event.. and as long as her feet are out, that’s fine by me.


See Audrina’s feet

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Marisa Tomei Puts Her Foot Down For Prop 8


Marisa Tomei I will always remember as having the first foot tattoo of any celebrity I have ever seen. I know alot of foot fetish guys don’t like ink and I actually don’t care for it other places on a woman, but for some reason.. ink on celebrity feet is really hot to me! We don’t get a peek at this time.. just her pretty toes.. Oh darn LOL

i like the plump toes on marisa tomei's celebrity feet 83373967119691654573.jpg
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Barefoot Marissa Tomei Candids


This might be first time I have seen celebrity soles presented like this. Sure, we know ‘the pose’, out tanning barefoot, or in a photoshoot.. but on a paddle board? First for me. Anyway, Marissa Tomei’s feet look really yummy and I am enjoying the sole shot even though it’s typically not my thing. Maybe the wetness and her wrinkles do it. Dunno, but I do know this is a great set.

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