Jordin Sparks and Alexa Vega Peep Toes


Aquafina had some event celebrating some new water line, but my eyes were on Jordin Sparks feet and toes.. and we get a peak at Alexa Vega too!


See Jordin & Alexa’s feet [3 Pictures]

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Jordan Sparks at MTV VMAs


Jordan Sparks looked really great at the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend. I didn’t see her on the show.. at least the little bit that I saw. I did catch these pictures online though and my only real complaint is that she needs to paint her toes a different color. Something that contrasts with her skin tone.


See Jordan’s feet [5 Pictures]

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Jordin Sparks @ Billboard Music Awards


If you are a lover of big celebrity feet, Jordin Sparks has got to be your dream girl. She is huge as in 6′-0″ tall with a size 11 foot. That’s alot of feet to worship if size is your thing.


See Jordin’s feet [2 Pictures]

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Jordin Sparks’ AI Feet

american idol feet


Jordin Sparks hasn’t been my favorite American Idol babe and maybe part of that is her feet. They aren’t ‘I need to hurl’ bad, but they do lack a bit of girlishness to them. Then again, Jordin herself is a bit of a giantess.. so that might actually be perfect for some of you foot fetishists with a crushing subfetish.. or visa versa.

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The Big Feet of Jordin Sparks

The teen popstar’s fame has grown and she’s become a huge name in the celebrity world.. almost as big as those feet of hers. She would be a perfect woman to use in your giantess trample fantasy. Her feet would be able to cover your face or squash any food you could imagine.
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Jordin Sparks & Her Giantess Feet

Shit, I know Jordin Sparks was big, but she is a giantess and you know that means her feet must be huge! I bet a single foot could cover your face. What a trample goddess she would be.
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